Mission Statement
Our premium organic products respect your health and the environment. We strive to develop the most cost efficient products that thrive in the unique habitat of the Pine Ridge area on the Diablo Range of California.

Company History
Casteluzzo is the name of the historic ancestral home of the Guerra Family in Piane Crati, Calabria, Italy. The name was given to a hunting cabin built on the property on Pine Ridge in the mid 1960's. Historically the property has been utilized for hunting, fishing and relaxation. Many decades ago Lou Guerra planted an olive and a fig tree adjacent to Casteluzzo, both of which survive today. Over the years other plantings such as apples were attempted and failed. In the early 2000's Joe Guerra began to experiment with different varieties of trees, vegetables, herbs and other plants to determine which would survive the climate at Casteluzzo the best. In addition to much success with rosemary, prickly pear (nopales), oregano and mint, surveys were made of native bay leaf trees and chamomile plants, each of which grow in some abundance in the vicinity. The fig and olive trees had survived decades on the property with no water other than natural precipitation and underground stores.

Market and Products
Our products will be sought after by environmentally conscious consumers of Silicon Valley and those who pine for the old way of producing food products. We intend on starting out small with olives grown for oil and soap production as well as preserving stock. We will also begin to facilitate the production of natural products such as chamomile and bay leaves and the introduction of drought tolerant specie such as rosemary, raspberries and mint.

Our overall goal is to produce high quality products that our customers will enjoy for decades to come. There is no desire to become a large company serving multiple markets. Rather this is an enterprise which will look to develop into a local phenomena that resembles the old country values of southern Italy where neighbors produced different products for their own consumption and for sale in their local community.